Channels have been made - unable to create assignments

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Newish to using Teams but I have managed to upload various resources, links, polls etc.


One of the features which I felt would be ideal for learners is the assignment tab which would allow us to set English tasks and provide feedback upon completion.


Unfortunately, it appears that this isn't possible via Channels as this needs to be executed through an actual Class. I didn't coordinate the set up at all and have fed this back but is there anyway around this from my end? I don't want my students to miss out. I am trialling TD Assignments but prefer the functionality of Assignments more.

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If you are having problem with posting assignments to your channel, try changing the channel settings. 

To change the channel settings 

Step 1: Click on the three dots (...) beside your channel name. 

Step 2: There you will find Manage channel, Click on that. 

Step 3: Change the channel moderation to ON, then you are good to go. 

Step 4: While posting your assignment, at the last before assigning, you should change where you want to post assignment, change it form general to your channel name. This is available at the bottom of you the assignment creating page.

I have a similar problem but it appears random.
I can change to some channels for the assignment but it does not allow me in others, the ok button does not turn blue to proceed.
I have checked the channels in manage channels to see if I could notice a difference between them but I could not.
I have four different channels in each of my classrooms in addition to the general channel. I created one for assignments and in certain classes I cannot post it in that channel for some bizarre reason.
Could someone help me sort this out please?
Thank you