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Is there any association with Teams channels and OneNote secrtions when I add OneNote to a Team? I was sure it was, but when I add a OneNote to at Team/Channel now, it is not. Or is there no connection association? So OneNote is independent from the channels


Please see the picture for illustration. 


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@Geir Hogstad Hello, yes. There's a OneNote that's being populated alongside the other services when creating a M365 group. You'll need to point it out when adding a tab though. But you'll also have additional options as it pretty much comes down to permissions.



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@Geir Hogstad When you create a new Team a OneNote Notebook is also created for the Team with the same name as the Team name.


To display the OneNote Notebook from within the Team you can add a tab from a channel and link to the default Team  OneNote Notebook.

So it is possible to have multiple channels all with tabs pointing to the same Team OneNote.


When you add a OneNote Notebook as a tab in a channel you have three options:

  1. Link to the default Team Notebook. (The default Notebook is stored under Site Assets in the Team SharePoint site & not the document library)
  2. Create a new Notebook for the channel. (The new Notebook will be stored in the Team SharePoint site under the relevant channel folder. It can be seen in the Files tab)
  3. Link to an existing OneNote Notebook that you have access too (Note other users in the channel will only be able to see the content if they have access to the Notebook)

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Thank you @Nikki1 That was helpfull. 


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