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Is it planned that the conversations within a channel can be sorted by e.g. date or any search term? It would make sense to have a big team and a lot of conversations.

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Hi Martin,

Would advise to read community thread here

There is no functionality for that at present, but there are several user voices open at

The article should give you a number of them. You can search in Teams and here is a few articles that help you do that

But again, some people are not 100% satisfied with the search capability so have raised uservoices for improved search.

Teams now does org wide Teams so you can have large Teams but it is in fact designed for the inner loop meaning direct team members so it is designed for smaller groups. You can split this out into channels which each has a conversation if you want several chats within the team.

Hope this clarifies and answers your question. If it does please like and set as the solution. Otherwise, please let me know what more you need.

Best, Chris

No you cant . But definitely  must have.