Channel meeting notification not working

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I have scheduled a meeting in team channel. And I was expecting to get notified when invitees accept/decline or propose new time. But I do not receive any such notification. I have to go into meeting details and see the status there.

Notification works well in outlook meeting so I was expecting same behavior in team too. Is it expected or am I missing something?

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Hello, channel meetings are a bit special so to fetch the tracking status for example you need to enter the channel meeting object in the channel to see accepted or declined etc. To use invitations with responses (i.e normal scheduling behavior) you'd have to use a standard scheduled meeting and not a channel meeting, because the channel doesn't have an own mailbox.

You can subscribe to the corresponding group mailbox, for replies and scheduled events though. You can reach those settings from the Outlook client - Group settings or Outlook on the web - Groups - Settings
Ok. Now I observed in the outlook calendar that the meeting organizer is showing as the team name instead of me. So I believe the notifications are sent to team mailbox.
However I am not able to find the Microsoft 365 group in outlook > groups. Only public groups are appearing there. Or is it only the owners can find find and subscribe to them?