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Hi - sorry if this is a duplicate question but when searching, I couldn't find what I needed.


My question is this:  In a Channel Meeting, are breakout rooms available? Quite a while ago I saw that option was not available but didn't know if that had changed.




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Yes! Breakout rooms are indeed working from channel meetings as well!

Awesome! Thanks a million!

@Paula Flores  - it is worth noting that breakout rooms are created as normal team meeting rooms and inherit their messaging ability from that and not from the Team the channel meeting was created from. 

@jamesmgarnett what I think you mean is that within a breakout room within a channel, only those people in that room can message and share with each other, correct? Not everyone on the team can access that 'room', correct? If so, then that's how breakout rooms work in a Team meeting scheduled through Outlook and not through a channel.

@Paula Flores you are correct but depending on how you manage messaging in the Team - and hence the channel meeting - you may get a different experience in the breakout room as it reflects your settings for Team meetings (not channel team meetings). ie - If you do not allow chat in Team meetings (admin setting) they will not have chat in the breakout rooms but may have it in the Team, as this is controlled by the owner, and hence have chat in channel meeting; if you have muted students in Teams (or used moderator settings to manage chat) but allow chat in Team meetings, students will be able to chat in breakout rooms but not in the main channel meeting. The meeting options are different in channel meetings and team meetings and is how I initially spotted the difference.