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Marc Roussel
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We are using Web Hook to push data to channel however this leads to undesirable effect which makes the data almost unreadable due to huge margins on LEFT and RIGHT of the channel.  It would be handy to have an option to set these margins to 0.

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The margins have been there since teams release. The have gotten slightly smaller but it’s been s complaint from the community for over a year now to make teams use less wasted space. It’s on uservoice under the compact layout entry. It’s one of the top ones you can go add your vote but for now there isn’t anything you can do about them :crying_face:


I can't seem to find it.  Do you have a link ?

At least an horizontal scrollbar so we can see the whole information would have been just enough to help.
Hi Marc. There are a few User Voice features that are similar to what you're asking for.
This one is specific about margins, but only has a few votes at this point:
This feature request is currently being worked on, and is somewhat related to what you're asking:

I hope this helps!

Cool thank you

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