Channel list on Android Tablet vs iPad

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I noticed that Teams app on iPad shows the channels on the left side and if you click on a channel, it will show the details on the right side which is similar to Desktop app.

On Android tablet, its similar to the phone app, once clicking on a channel, it will go to channel details and to change channel, we need to go back and then click again. not similar to iPad or desktop where you see teh channels on the left side of the screen.

Anyone knows why its different or if there is anything i need to do.

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Hi, this most likely just the way the App has been built for Android I would say.  I don't have an Android device to specifically test the experience I'm afraid, but if similar to the iOS app, then you won't be able to change how the app is laid out.  You will only be able to alter things like Notification settings, and toggle between Dark and Light mode.

Hi @PeterRising   I have the app on an Android phone and you are absolutely right about the options.  Appears to be the way the app was designed.