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We started an Team, named projects, where all current projects have a channel. After such a project is done, we want to delete the channel so that we do not reach the 200 limit of channels in teams. I've read that after 30 days a deleted channel will get a 'hard' delete (link 1), I've tried this in my 'test' team but the 30 days have expired and the channel can still be restored, and is visible. No retention policy has been set on this team or over the whole organization. We really need this 30 days hard delete! Can anyone help me with this, am I missing a setting or something?


Screenshot below is a deleted channel on 2-12-20, we are now 14-1-21, so more than 30 days have passed.



Limits and specifications for Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs [1]


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Hi, I’ve read about this issue several times. Still no way to hard delete channels either (AFAIK). I suggest you open up a support ticket with Microsoft in case no one else replies with a solution/workaround.

@ChristianBergstrom  Do you, knowing this bug, have any clue why this is stated in MS documentation as hard delete option? Does it only work in specific situaties whatsover?

I’m afraid you have to ask Microsoft why they are not being permanently deleted after this period.

Let us know when you get an official answer, thanks!

@Thiemen have you thought about changing your processes and creating a Team per project  rather than a channel  per project so you can mitigate this issue? An additional benefit of using a Team per project is being add the Team to a group expiration policy so that the Team owners or Admins can review the ongoing need for a team on an ongoing basis.

@Deleted  I will take that into consideration, thanks for the tip!