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Create an event without meeting


issue within the "Channel" Teams Calendar is, that once I schedule the event, it would automatically create a meeting, and this is clearly something i am trying to avoid.

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Hi @Melvinb1981  Are you saying that when you schedule a channel meeting, it is starting the meeting on at that moment?  You might not be indicating the correct start time.  Please double check these instructions: Tip: Meet in a channel - Office Support (

Hello Therese,

Teams is supposed to be communications tool however cannot perform a simple function of creating a simple calender event without creating a meeting. To get around this you need to create an event outside of teams ,either on 365 app or portal to reflect on the calender. Why cant the developers simply have an option to allow this directly within Teams? Why perform two tasks when one would suffice? I would just like to understand the thought process behind this?