Channel calendar sync with O365 group calendar

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I have added a Channel calendar to a Team channel.  When I created a meeting in that calendar, I see it when viewing the corresponding O365 group calendar.   However, if I create a calendar entry from the O365 group calendar, it does not appear in the Channel calendar.  One-way sync?  Is this intended?  Ultimately I'm trying to convert use of a personal shared calendar, create a Team for with whom it is shared, and move/copy the data from that personal shared calendar into the Channel calendar.

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Hello, the channel calendar app is a filtered view of the M365 group calendar that is associated with the team. It only shows the meetings for the specific channel and not the entire team (i.e. can be added to multiple channels). Also, channel calendar meetings can only be scheduled from the Teams app and not possible using Outlook.

@ChristianBergstrom Thank you, this info helps to understand the behavior.  To take it a step further then, is there any way to move/copy calendar data from an Outlook personal calendar to the channel calendar?

As you can't schedule channel meetings using Outlook that is not an option, also there's no option to change an existing meeting to a channel meeting without rescheduling within Teams. So no easy solution here, at least as far as I know.

What would be the possible method to sync MS Teams channel calendar into MS outlook and MS calendar app for windows? @ChristianBergstrom Thanks!