Changing the email address Teams uses to send invitations

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I've recently set up 365 Business Basic using an email address from my own domain, using first and last name[at]domain name, which is working fine. However when I send an invitation from Teams, they're being sent from a bizarre email address, MyComanyName[at]domain name, which I've never set up.


I verified the domain name with a TXT record, which was verified ok, but I've no idea where this email address came from or how to change it for Teams invitations. Outlook invitations go out using the correct email address. Any help much appreciated!

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Do you mean scheduling a channel meeting? If so, the invitation will come from the group/team's emailaddress and will look something like or You should be able to change that by updating the primary SMTP address of the underlying Office 365 Group, but I'd recommend sticking to Outlook for scheduling meetings.

Thanks @VasilMichev, yes, invitations sent from Teams come from a weird email address that I can't edit in Azure Active Directory (it took me 2 days to find that....) So then people try replying, but their emails bounce back. I've used Outlook instead, but it just seems like so much duplication of work.


For me Teams is just way too complicated in it's back end for making things work smoothly with other companies, all of whom are at different stages of deployment of Teams, with varying levels of functionality enabled. This has resulted in days and days wasted trying to make things work, so I'm now deleting Teams and going back to other solutions that work better for me ;)

I'm having the exact same issue.

@Dave_Schieffer You've no doubt found a solution by now, but for anyone else trying to fix this issue, just login to your Office 365 Admin, then select Teams & Groups > Active Teams & Groups. You will then see a list of your active groups together with the automatically created email address for each group - you can edit the email address here to something of your choice.




this didnt work for me - in a group settings I can only change to another microsoft address