Changing the Admin email address in Teams

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So as a newbie to Teams I created a site and used my 365 account email as administrator. Unfortunately I did not realise that, as other staff members can access the email account in outlook (to respond to emails etc) they also have access in teams as administrators. This therefore means they have full access to private channels etc. I'd like to change this so that the admin login to teams is exclusive to me. Is there a way of changing the admin account in Teams, or would I need to start again from scratch (or any other solutions?). Thanks

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Hi, I believe there's some confusion here. Firstly, you can decide who can create a M365 group (a team) but in this case if you have been using the admin account you have set up a group with the associated services and the corresponding group inbox for the members to use. Secondly, they do not have admin privileges, they are either members or owners (or guests but that will probably come later). In the team settings you have more settings and can control these and other permissions.

Adding a link for private channel info


And this Create your first teams and channels - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs