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I'm just getting into Teams and I think it will work for us, but I noticed an issue. 
I manage IT for a family that owns three business all in the same building (mostly). So licensing & costs are often shared. 

I set up some new teams and then today I was in Exchange (O365) and noticed all my email addresses are 
The 104 comes from duplicate groups I have created. So I think I can handle that. 
But I need the group emails to be

Cats own the Office 365 license. But I need the companies to appear different. 
Can I change these group email address names & domains? 

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As long as you configured the domain in the tenant you can!

Also changing the mail :

Thanks for the reply, but this doesn't work for me. 
Says it is only allowed in the Cloud-based Service. How do I install this applet? 
I'm connected to MSOnline and AzureAD

@adam deltinger 

What’s your error message? Please post a screenshot! Also you need to connect to exchange online!

Think I'm working now.
Got connected to Exchange Online.


Slowly figuring all this out. 

@adam deltinger 

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