Changing logging when joining a meeting

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Ok, can't figure this one.


We got teams at work when the pandemic hit. We were not setup for remote work,. so I installed it on my personnal computer. 


Now, today, my wife needed to connect to a meeting. Ideally didn't want to use my work ID for it, so I disconnected from the apps and she signed in as her, figured it would work. This morning she clicked on the link in the email, and somehow it connected as me. Figured it might be the browser default connection, so I disconnected from the browser too, and connected as her. Still opened the app as me.


How can I make it so the app does not switches to opening the meeting as me every time? How do I switch?



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Well, this can be quite a mess. Is it only a personal device or is it Azure AD registered as well? I would probably run this script to reset all settings (it's easier than it looks) and after that use Incognito / InPrivate browser windows instead to avoid the mixed/cached credentials with the desktop app.
Personnal device. Is there no way other than reseting everything? It seems like a pretty bad design for the software to be unable to accomodate more than one user per device!
Are you absolutely sure your personal device isn't Azure AD registered with your organization? It certainly sounds like that as it's defaulting to your account. And Teams always defaults to the domain-joined account when signing out. You can actually see if your account is added under the OS settings

If that is the case, disconnect and try signing out and in again. Why don't you use different profiles on your computer as well if you must use the desktop app?

As for the previous suggestion it is all about clearing things up. It's a refresh, as if Teams was just installed.