Changing email address has messed everything up in teams

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My windows 10 user account used to be email address removed for privacy reasons. I changed this to a new address as the old one was getting spammed to hell and back.


I have the teams app on my win 11 machine. I have been invited to a group and the person has sent the invitation to my new address. I am sure of this as I saw them send it and I received it.


When I click on the link it opens a new teams window and asks me to log in ... when I am already logged in, in an existing teams desktop app window !! So I log in using the new email address and lo and behold it logs me into an old email address removed for privacy reasons account !!


Obviously we are doing something wrong but for the life of me I cannot work it out.

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Oh and congratulations for me I have earned a "first discussion badge"! Can I post that to my linked in account ?
Oh and a bit more information when I go into my microsoft account and select outlook web app ... it opens the app and shows me a ton of messages sent to my old email account which no longer exists ! after a couple of seconds all those messages suddenly the emails disappear ! talk about fubar !