Changing distinct attributes of Teams User

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I've been troubleshooting a user who can not search for external users in teams, even though every other user in the deployment is able to. I compared their settings, everyone uses the global settings. Since this user came from a Skype for Business onprem deployment I looked for possible evidence of a botched migration by checking the attributes using Get-CsOnlineUser. I found a few that were different and wanted to try changing those in order to fix the problems:

OnPremHostingProvider: Currently SRV: but is for other users
UserRoutingGroupId: Isn't set
Registrarpool: Isn't set

HostingProvider: Same as OnPremHostingProvider


I tried to change these settings through PowerShell, but encountered the problem, that there doesn't seem to be a way to change those settings. Am I missing some CMDlet or other way of changing the settings?

Help would be appreciated, thank you!

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You need to move the user to Skype Online or to Teams only directly

Depending on Skype version you can set a user to teams only directly from the control panel or earlier than 2015 CU8 if I remember correctly you have to move the user to Skype Online first. If they are in island mode this is fine since you only need this step

You can do this with powershell also with the move-csuser cmdlet:

Hello Adam,

Thank you for your response.
However I dont think this solution is applicable to my problem. The User is already migrated to Teams and can use it normally with the exception I mentioned above.
If you are suggesting to migrate back to Skype, then this isnt possible I my current situation. The Skype for Business on prem deployment is already retired.

Do you have any further suggestions?

@StevenHrovat Hello Steve, I seem to be stuck on this same issue. Could you please confirm if you were able to get this resolved and how >