Changing content of Bing News app

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After adding the Bing News app to a channel, I realized that I needed to change the search criteria, but could not figure out how to do it. So i had to delete it and start all over. What did I miss? Surely there must be some way to edit this app.

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Hi Dean,


Hope you are well. Did you add the Bing News App like this?





The Bing Icon appears in the bottom of the channel next to the sticker/emoji/meet now icons. You can click the Bing icon, perform a search for content and then select the news to add it to the conversation.


Regarding content, you should be able to search for any content you like, and it bring up a number of articles. In the screenshot above I added Office 365. 


Hope that helps. 


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  I think the question was about adding bing application using a connector. Connector feeds automatically into the posts at certain time of the day. I cannot find the way to change configuration either. 


@ZelStanfel- You can edit these settings by going to the General Channel, clicking the ellipses in upper right, selecting Connectors and then Configure the Bing Connector. 

@Jef Meyer What is the Delivered Time based on?  I thought it was Seattle time, but so far didnt work.

@Jef Meyer 


I've been noticing if I attempt to reconfigure an existing feed ("configuration") for Bing News in a channel, it will not appear and only show the fields to add a new one. I've only been able to access an existing configuration if I add an additional feed and go back. I'm surprised Microsoft hasn't caught this.