Changes (problems?) with Activity Feed Notifications?

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Suddenly in last few days Activity Feed has gotten strange and erratic. 


We are setup with multiple Teams, each with multiple Channels.  


Until some point in last few days, our notification was working as follows:

  • Any new activity in channels would result in bold highlight for channel title in Teams
  • Any new activity posting to channels would appear in user Feeds

Right now we are seeing:

  • A channel will bold-highlight with no new activity (example: most recent activity could be 1-2 months old)
  • Channels with new activity have no highlight
  • Erratic population of Activity Feed, mostly missing.  For example yesterday out of dozens of posts, I have 2 entries in Activity Feed.  Formerly all channels/teams would have had all new posts and replies appearing in AF. 

We don't use any "@" references either to individuals or Teams - for our processes, at least at this time, that is a useless mechanism really so we could care less about it working or not working and wouldn't know if it was working or not honestly. 


Initial diagnosis work:

  • Have logged out / in on local clients.  Have used web client. All behavior is unchanged/same/consistent. 
  • Looked at individual channel settings and all channels are set to "Channel Notifications - All New Posts = Off". I cannot say for sure how we setup channels initially but I believe we had "All New Posts = Only Show In Feed" set.  I cannot be certain about this. 

The erroneous 'bold' highlights look like an indexing error to me - like the wrong channels are being tagged for activity. But the general lack of / inconsistency of what appears in Activity Feed seems like more than just that.  


If it is the "All New Posts" issue then we certainly did not change anything.  If it is that, is there any way to set a global Teams setting to reset all channels? It will be tedious to change that for each and every channel we have. 

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