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Wasim Parkar
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Is it possible to change what the default messaging policy is in Teams.

At the moment its the global admin policy. I want to set the alloff as the default policy for all staff.

As we slowly introduce teams I can then change users to the global policy when I want them to have access.


Is this possible?




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Hi Wasim,

Yes, you can change the default global org wide messaging policy in the Skype and Teams admin centre as shown below




Simply + new policy and either apply it to a new Team or changing an existing Teams policy. 


I hope I have answered your question. If I have, please like the post and set it as the solution. If not, please let me know what you need to get to a solution. I look forward to working with you again in the community. 

Best, Chris

Hi Chris

That hasnt answered it I am afraid.

I am fully aware on how to edit or create a new policy.

I have done this. 

What I need to know is how can I set this policy I have created as the default policy for all staff.  Currently I need to go to each user and change their policy to the one I have created. WIth over 5000 staff this is not possible.




Hi Wasim,

If you need to do it in bulk then bulk actions are usually done via Powershell.

However, as you can see, as of yet there is not an explicit action in there to either apply a Teams Messaging Policy or set a Teams Messaging policy as the default policy. Teams Powershell module is relatively recent with the latest version being 0.9.6 so I imagine this is coming at some point. I will ask the engineering team this afternoon at the Teams AMA which you are always welcome to attend!


I have also opened a User Voice for this

Best, Chris

Best, Chris


Hi Wasim,
Look at
Grant-CSTeamsMeetingPolicy :
Grant-csTeamsMessagingPolicy :

You should be able to pipe get-csuser | grant-csTeamsmessagingPolicy etc. to apply to all users.


If you need to know how to connect to PowerShell for the commands see the last section of this blog post:


Hi guys,

Yes Microsoft confirmed this for me in the AMA yesterday that these candlers for Teams are not in the Teams module but in the Skype module. Do you think they’ll be moved over at some point?

Best, Chris
Probably not, since one module is meant for Teams management aka the Teams tab, the other is admin related back end stuff. But then again never say never. I just don't see it happening anytime soon and probably not until there are no more Skype Online tenants/users.

Thank you Chris and Chris for all the help and info.

Hopefully they listen to the user voice and allow us to set the default.

As good as Teams is, its these little things that stop is being a real enterprise solution.

Getting there slowly.