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Hi All,


Seeing as Teams is evolving so much so quickly, I'm just after a quick confirmation ...


I know there is work being done on synching the name of a channel with it's storage folder, but there's no way to change the URL that a Team uses in the back-end, and (currently) no plans for it, is there?




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Hi! You can edit the url from SharePoint admin center

Does that work safely for Teams sites?

Every thing I've read implies that changing the URL there disconnected the site from the Team so hadn't tried.
Yeah! It seems it breaks….
haha ... I just tested it, and yes, it broke ...
At least you figured out how NOT to change an URL :)

@adam deltinger

what excatly breaks in a Microsoft Teams Team after renaming the Sharepoint URL?

I need to rename some Microsoft Teams and keep all the history. I want to rename everything relating to the name so there won't any mix ups with the old name.

I created a test group and renamed the Microsoft Teams team-name, mail-address and for Sharepoint the name and the URL. So far I didn't encounter a Problem.

What problems did you face?




The link between Teams and the SharePoint site broke - so no files were accessible.
Can you share how you were able to rename everything?
Hello Rob,

Take a look at this documentation: Scroll down to the Teams (for Microsoft 365 group-connected sites). It mentions that the files tab in channels will need to be refreshed after an address change. I tested this out and it works!

All I did was click the refresh symbol in the top-right corner of each channel and the files re-appeared. Sometimes, you'll have to click the refresh symbol more than once. But in each case, it worked. So, it's a bit of a pain if the Team has a lot of channels. But it's an otherwise easy process.

Hope this helps!
Thanks @Merlin, I'll have to give it another try