Change Teams file view - defaults to last modified but I want alphabetical

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Does anyone know how to get Teams to stop sorting every thing by last modified? I want my files to show up alphabetically. Which I can do if I click on "Name" every time I open a new one, but how do I default it so I don't have to click every time I go to the same 

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Hello @ColoradoTrue   This feature is not yet available - many in this community suggest using the filter feature to offset that.  Please go to the Uservoice item and vote for the sorting option.

@ThereseSolimeno Thank you. I voted. Yes this for sure needs to be added. 



To default it  to A-Z modify the default view "All Documents" to sort alphabetically sort on the "Name" column. 



@ColoradoTrue   Yes.  I would like it to show all names of people who have modified, so I can keep track of who has done it and who has not.