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Hi team,

I created a free team account and register this with the name of the company where i was working in that time. Now every invitation that i send it appears like follows:

Hi, Name
Pablo Coca Romero ( has invited you to join the URBANOR SAorg in Microsoft Teams! Join now and start collaborating with your teammates.


So, need to know if there is a way to change/replace this part ("URBANORSA" - and "URBANORSAorg" = name of the old company) and put the new one or another text.

Please help.


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You can't rename a Teams Free org or even an Office 365 tenant.  But what you can do is create a new team with the correct name, invite the members to the new team and delete the old one.


Here's a writeup on how to delete a Free Team org:


Thanks for reply and clarify this, now i'll contact them to fix it.


Well can you provide a number whom to call. The support agent I reached had no idea at all what to do.


You may change your organization name in "Teams" free account. But it's not as straightforward as expected.


First, you must find out your admin account name automatically created by Microsoft.

If you registered in Teams with your personal email address - , then your admin account name will be like


To find it out, go to the Teams app, and within any channel click on "Files" tab. From actions bar click on "Sync" button, to sync your files with OneDrive. On click, OneDrive's login windows will pop-up, with your admin account typed-in. If you click on sign-in button you will be asked to enter the password (which you don't know). From there click on password recovery option. As you choose to recover (reset) password, an email will be sent on your personal email account. Using the provided link in an email you will be able to set a password for your new account.




Now using that account login to
From the left top corner click on the burger menu and then click on "Azure Active Directory" link.

Then inside of Active Directory click on the "Properties" link from the left list.
Now, here you may set your new tenant name and Save it.






That's it. It may take a couple of minutes before it will be updated.

@elshadX  Thanks for the information, i made a changes however still there . How much time it takes to make changes from the microsoft ? Is it quick or we need to wait ?

That’s your tenant name and won’t be changed
Thanks mate


Thanks dude.

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