Change order buttons in ribbon Wiki in Teams

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Hi everybody,


A collleague of mine wants to use Wiki in Teams on a screen that is in portrait mode. Because his screen is in portrait mode, the button "Insert link" is not directly visible in the ribbon. He has to click on "..." but when he clicks on "Insert link", the pop-up does not appear. When the screen is in landscape mode, the ribbon is wide enough. The button "Insert link" is directly visible and when he clicks on it the pop-up DOES appear.


If our screen is in landscape mode and I resize the Teams window (in browser and in app) to a certain small size, we can also reproduce this behavior. The button "Insert link" is not directly visible in the ribbon and when we click on it, the pop-up does not appear. We're guessing that we can work-around it when we can move the button "Insert link" to the left. Is this possible in Wiki in Teams without using code? 


Thanks in advance for your replies

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This would be a great feature to add to teams! I recently started using Microsoft Teams on my iPad and during meetings, the mute sound button is right next to the mic button which can cause some confusion. I wish they were a little further apart or we could rearrange them.