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Hello Everyone,

Just getting started with Office 365.

When you create a Team, O365 also creates a corresponding O365 Group and a Sharepoint site with the same name, which is great. When I create a file in Teams, it is saved in a channel called "General" by default, which I understand is the default channel/folder for every team you create.

When I go to view the new file from Sharepoint, it is in a seperate "General" folder.

What I would like is to have all the files in one place

I have created a new tab in Teams called "Documents" (which points directly to Documents in Sharepoint) and I would like to get rid of the "Files" tab.

Is this possible? How about rename Files to Documents and redirect it?



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No, it's not...Files is a default tab in Teams that cannot be removed....this Tab is present in each Team channel

Adding a channel will add a new folder in your Teams SharePoint docs. The general folder (or channel) cannot be deleted or renamed and every 'file' within each channel can be structured as you need (folders and subfolders). you'd better off creating the channels that you need and choosing wisely where to upload your content. In this case, the tab 'documents' will not be a folder within your SP and every file that you add there will end up within the general folder.

We Treat documents differently in Teams and try to explain that Files is adhoc Teams channel storage, and long term files ready for the Team go into a seperate document library that we post up as a new tab in Teams. I kind of wish we could have the option to rename or remove the default files tab so people just don't see it or think about it, and have a separate tab to a real document library for handling documents. Not to mention, can we please ditch the wiki tab already lol..... it's just crap and in the way. 

We're running into the same situation.  Renaming a channel is easy enough to do but the disconnect between folder name is concerning.  To be honest I think there's probably a good case to be made for each channel getting it own document library especially since channel permissions are supposedly in the pipeline.

Permissions can be set on Folders the same way thou. But I do agree someone can easily wipe out permissions on the library easily and mess up all your channels vs. just one, but man, that would be a lot of libraries :P.
I'm looking at moving much of what has been done on SharePoint to Teams. The integration is pretty good so far. The documents will continue to be on SP, which is nice because we won't need to update existing links. I wish we could remove "Files" because it's confusing to have "Files" and "Documents". It far from ideal to need to explain the difference... I guess that's Microsoft's old habit of trying to control how the user uses the software. I'd prefer the software does what we want, instead of it trying to get us to do what it wants.
I came here searching for same function and have same Use Case. Want to delete FIles tab or rename it or point it to my Document library.

Do you still have this issue?

If you go into the Sharepoint Document Library settings for each channel, you can remove the Members group entirely from the permissions of the associated folder (after breaking inheritance). This is a crude way to disable it, but users will then see an error whenever they try to upload a file.



Yes, there has been no change that I am aware of that allows you to delete the Files tab.

When I removed all permission groups - save the Owner's group - the tab was still there. When users would access it, they would see a screen explaining they didn't have access. So, the tab is still there, but the users won't be able to save anything there.

Yeah! Teams would have no idea if you change the permissions in sharepoint!


I'm also looking for the option to at least rename "Files" to something else. We can rename other tabs that are created, why not this one?


Can the product team respond to this post and let us know if this is on the backlog/roadmap?

This is currently not on the roadmap!

There is a uservoice for this which has been rejected! I would still go vote cause there could be a chance they open it up again!



We are migrating 550 users from 20 years of using shared folders/mapped drives to Teams/SPOL DocLibs so can understand this requirement.  However, there is now a really neat way to surface SPOL DocLibs in a Channel File tab via the '+Add cloud storage' button:AddDocLib.PNGChoose SharePoint then your Site and DocLib and you will see a linked folder to your SPOL DocLib in your Teams file tab.  Because we use the Teams 'group' for the SPOL DocLib members group permissions are OK. The folder filename is the SiteCollection_DocLib and it has the 'S' for 'Shared' - OK I know it is SharePoint but our users don't.... ;)  Now playing with the PnP Search web part so users can do a single search to find content in both site collections.



@MrNigel This is a great way to accomplish this.  I like it and solves our problem of clicking the + icon and adding our existing SharePoint library as another tab while leaving the Files tab empty.  THANK YOU!

What I have done to guide users on all the team groups, is to place a txt file in the General Folder with a file name: "Please use the Document Library Tab above.txt".


See attached image.

the frustrating file tab.png


Thank you.

excellent suggestion @Cyberflake

@Noah Souza I believe you can get automatic separate libraries if you setup channels as private.