Change Meeting Organizer so that we do not lose the chat attached to long recurring meetings.

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We are looking to change the meeting organizer of a recurring meeting that has been happening for about a year. We do not want to cancel the meeting as there are files, meeting notes, and on going chats that have been attached to this meeting for this entire time. The meeting organizer is a manager that wants to pass his organizer status to another user. How can we do this without cancelling this standing meeting?

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Well technically the Team meeting will run forever as long as you use the same URL for it. So whatever you do with the Outlook invite, assuming that's how it originated as long as you include the original URL for the meeting join, you should be good to go. So you can technically create another reoccuring meeting, include the same join link and continue the meeting as is.

As for the files, they are all in people's OneDrive's shared with meeting participants not actually stored inside the meeting chat itself.

The Organiser is leaving for another post but we need to keep the team going.  How can the organiser transfer 'ownership' to a team member? @Chris Webb 

@Chris Webb 

Hi Chris what about if the chat group was created before is there a way to share the link from MS teams for this chat into outlook without creating a new chat?

@judith29 agree this is a real need with people changing roles/positions. I am trying to migrate the meetings that I am the organizer for into channels to see if that helps - but being able to just right click on a participant and "make organizer" effective X date would be brilliant functionality.

@Chad Bettencourt This is a need as well in our organization. We have a scheduled meeting for the whole year but now Management wants to change the Organizer on a weekly basis, using the very same existent meeting link/agenda.
It would be very helpful if we were able to change the organizer or at least to designate another user as such.
I'm hoping this can be available in the near future or perhaps it already is (???).

Was this feature implemented? I'd hate to delete recurring meetings for the year and have to recreate them...

Hi! Is this feature implemented? I am facing the same challenge :)