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I'm trying to see if I can change how names are displayed on my view of Teams.  For example, could I prioritize last name instead of fist names (or tell teams what I want to pop up).


The reason I need to ask is because I am (through no fault of my own) contributing to the phenomenon of several people named Chris in my team, which creates a lot of confusion.  I previously worked in a team of two people, both of us named Chris.  Now the team I am trying to manage in Teams has 3 Chris's out of a team of 9 (plus a few more in the company that sometimes work with us).  When I get a message from "Christopher", I really need to know if I am talking to the sys admin or the developer (or maybe the analyst or SharePoint admin).  Last name would work, or I can set a name that helps.

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Hi @ChrisAlvarezTeksouth,


if it is only in Teams Channels, you could use “Tagging” and create some awesome personal tags for every Chris (Like: SharepointChris, SysAdminChris ;)) in the Team. This can be done using the tagging feature in Teams. See more info here:


if it has to do with looking up for a Chris to start a new chat with there is no possibility, other than changing display name, to sort it by last-name. 
Someone already opened a user voice (back in 2019) but only got 44 votes. 

hope this info helped. 

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The alternative to change Display Names is to do through Azure AD, not sure if the approach is going to be valid taking into account the scenario here