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I could not find a way to change a member's email address. I decided to delete the member and then add the member with the new email address. My problem is Teams "remembers" the members I added in the past whether or not I deleted them.


Is there a way to change a member's email address? If not, how do I clear the Teams "cache" of previous member names?


BTW, I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling teams hoping Teams would forget everything that happened in the past. Also, this is the FREE version of Teams I am using for my family.

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Basically there is a directory on the back end, that you can't really access in free Teams. When you create a guest / member it goes into that directory and when you remove them from Teams, they still exist in the directory and get removed from Teams.

You can try to access and see if you can modify the directory but I'm pretty sure you can't access that via free Teams.
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well I just tested and you actually seem that you do get access to on free accounts. Log into that, go to Azure Active Directory. This is where the accounts are stored. You can make your edits here and you should see the user you need to delete from the system which should clear it out of Teams after some time.
As a global admin, you can able modify the user details in AAD. It may take some time to reflect. MS Teams will not hold any existing members details. Validate once again.

@Chris WebbThank you. I was able to make the change after deleting the user from Azure AD.


@Chris Webb I cannot change e-mail address of members.


@Chris Webb I would like to change the outgoing email address when emailing a meeting link.  Teams currently defaults to my @shaw address and it should come from my @pionairs address.

Thanks for any assistance.