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New to the community and Microsoft Teams. So it shouldn't be surprising that this may be a basic questions, however, I couldn't find a result when searching the message boards.


Is it possible to change a channel of an existing meeting Team meeting? I began setting up my team and schedule meetings but realized things like meeting notes were available to the entire team (this was a small project, so only a select few folks should be able to read the notes). I attempted to change the channel associated with the meeting from General to a new private channel, but it doesn't look like the box is editable. Is there a workaround or should I just schedule a new series of meetings and copy the notes from the previous meetings.



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Hi! No it’s not possible so you have to schedule a new channel meeting in the correct channel! Keep in mind that private channels don’t support this


Thanks for the reply @adam deltinger! When you say that private channels don't support this, do you mean that I cannot assign a meeting to a private channel?



Chris Wiese 

@adam deltinger Hi, you would have to start again and set-up the meeting but there is a workaround to add meeting notes etc to your private channel from the meeting. Go to your channels list and click the 3 dots to the right of the private channel and select the email address (only copy the part in arrow brackets <>). Put this into the 'required meeting attendees', this will link your private channel to the meeting. Then add the people you wish to invite as the above only invites the channel link not the members. Hope this helps.


@adam deltinger Thank you for adding the "keep in mind Private Channels don't support this". I have been searching and trying to fix this for days. So far, everything about Private Channels is a disaster, and you can't change them to public.  I'd at least like to schedule a meeting via private channel instead of the "meet now" feature.  


They need an alert about private channels that says 'just so you know, you likely won't be able to do anything within this channel that you need to do.  It's for secret chats only.'  I mean honestly scheduling a meeting among group members using the scheduling assistant should be allowed.  


IF ANYONE IS LOOKING FOR A WORK AROUND: At least you can schedule within Outlook using the Microsoft Teams Meeting add-in and Scheduling Assistant and then paste the meeting information onto the chat page/pin it so members can find it.  [To send a meeting reminder, right-click the meeting in Outlook and choose "Reply All".]