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Employees have several own calendars in their Office 365 Exchange Account (e.g. Private, Workshop, Business-Partner-Calls). In the calendar sections in Teams is only the primary default Kalender Outlook creates available (unfortunately this calendar isn't used by the employees).

How is it possible to change the calendar which is shown in teams to another one (e.g. Business-Partner-Calls)?

Is it even possible to overlap different calendars in Teams to see open time slots?

Or other way round: how can we integrate different calendars in the default calendar in outlook (share?) which is displayed in Teams?


Thanks, Jonas

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The calendar tab will only make a connection to that users personal mailbox in exchange! You can’t change this!

@adam deltinger is it possible to copy the events from the other calendars to the users mailbox default calendar to have an overview when creating meetings in Teams?

You can but only that user will be able to see it and each user will have to copy their events over. To copy events it’s easiest to go to the calendar in outlook and change the view to list view. You can select all entries and copy them. Then go to the other calendar and paste them on. Then they will show up. Keep in mind this doesn’t sync so any new meetings added to the old calendar if it’s still used will have to be copied to the personal calendar again.
Has this feature been updated? I’d there a way I can change the teams meeting I am invited to a calendar designed solely for teams meetings?