CarPlay - Mute button on/off glyph ambiguous (can't determine if mute ON or OFF)

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Unlike in the mobile, web or desktop Apps in the Teams Apple CarPlay the mute button always uses the same glyph (i.e. mic with stroke through it).. it just make it white or grey.. is white mute or is grey mute 🤷🏾‍:male_sign:. This makes it nearly impossible to determine conclusively if the mute is on or off. The other platforms change the glyph to a mic with stroke through it for muted to a mic with no stroke through it when unmuted meaning it's easy to tell if you are muted or not.


VERY ANNOYING.. I often have to pick up my phone (illegal and dangerous) to see if I'm muted. Never remember if white or grey is muted since don't used in car everyday.

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