Caption not working in teams

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Caption are not working in Teams today. I double checked and everything is enabled for it.

I tried 3 different devices and I cannot see it.


Is this a MS Teams issue?

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@cguanes i also have the same issues, this is frustrating :( i'm deaf and rely heavily on captions to do my work 

@anhp27 , it is exactly my case too... hard hearing, without captions I cannot understand people...


In contact with MS, I was asked to try the web client,  the caption shows there, but I'm still unable to use with fat client.


They asked me to do the following (it didn't work for me, but maybe for you)


1. Try Signing out and Signing in.

2. Completely uninstall and re-install MS Teams.

3. Clear MS Teams Cache.

Then restart your PC (it’s important to restart it for the changes made to take effect) and access
at the bottom left is the Teams download icon and reinstall it.


try those steps...   If I can get the captions back I will put how it was fixed...

Had to contact my organization's IT Helpdesk for assistance. They uninstalled the app, reinstalled, quit the app, rebooted my machine, relaunched the app. Quick test meeting captions were back. Joined a meeting no captions. Rebooted my machine again, reluanced MS Teams. Live Captions worked for 15 minutes then stopped both in the app and on my mobile device. Anyone have other ideas?

@cguanes  Following, the captions aren't working properly for me today either. Macbook M1, Ventura OS.

I believe this is an issue on MS side, because the captions suddenly started to show but sporadically and randomly.
Did you guys try the web client?, it does work for me... it is not a fix but I'm using it when I need caption while this issue persists.

I hope MS fix this quickly.
Hello @cguanes I tired using the web client. I'm on a TEAMS Live Event. No captions. :\
try opening a ticket with MS.... they answer reasonably quick

@cguanes Thank you! I tried looking for the link to report the issue, no luck. Thank you for sharing. Oddly enough captions are working via the FAT client in a new meeting for me and my coworker. Fingers crossed this will continue working.