Cant pop out meetings from teams chat

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We can no longer have a team meeting/ call separate from the main Teams. 

If I need to go to my chats, the meeting will reduce to a small box so I cant view teams chats and the meeting at the same time. 

I also don't have the option to see all attendees cameras while someone or myself is presenting.

This "update" makes it extremely difficult to do our job now as we often need to have teams chats open and the meeting on another screen. 

Is there ANY way around this? I went through all settings and did not find anything to have everything show the original way. 

Below are the only options we now have in teams. 



Below is an example of what I see if I click into Teams while in a meeting. 





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Hi @9akelly 


The meeting screenshots here kinda looks like you are using the web app at - accessed through a browser such as Chrome, Edge etc. 


If you want to pop conversation and separate screens for calling you need to use the Teams Desktop App. This should be on your desktop and available via the Start Menu. You can also download it here


Download Microsoft Teams Desktop and Mobile Apps | Microsoft Teams


Hope that answers your question. Whilst the Desktop App and Web App are similar the desktop app has lots more functionality - the functionality you describe


Best, Chris

Good Afternoon,

That was actually from the desktop app that those screen shots were taken.



Thanks for replying back. 


Wow, that's weird. That meeting experience, with the bar across the centre is the current web experience but some time back was the old desktop experience - at least on Windows. Are you using Windows?


Best, Chris

We are on Windows 11 Enterprise



Hmm ok. I would run through the following


1.) Sign out of Teams and back in again and see if that resolves it. 

2.) If not, Sign out of Teams and clear the cache: Clear Teams cache - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs and then sign back in

3.) If not, uninstall the Teams Desktop App and Reinstall. 


Can you confirm back if any of these manage to resolve it?


Best, Chris

Hey there,

So I did all of the things above. I am still getting the same results.





Thanks for providing the screenshot, just tested, that is the minimised version of the meeting. Right Click on the Teams Icon at the bottom of the screen, you should be able to select the full meeting screen and the minimised version




Best, Chris


@Christopher Hoard 


If you hit the Share Button (between the mic and the phone) it should pop to being the full meeting screen too :) Just found that!




Yes, the minimized screen is when I click into my main chat screen, that houses all chats. If I make the meeting/call large again it overtakes my main chat screen that houses all chats. Which is what the issue is.
I do not have the option any longer to separate a call/ meeting from the main chat screen that houses all chats. I have between 20-40 chats going at any given time, if I were to have them all pop out, I would have 20-40 teams windows open and that is excessive in my opinion.
Previously if I had a call or meeting, a completely separate window would open with that call/meeting, leaving the main chat screen that houses all open chats separate.

At this point, I am assuming this feature has been taken away? A handful of people at my company still have the "old version". When they have calls/meetings, a completely new window opens, they can see all participants in a meeting if someone is screen sharing. They don't have to worry about popping out 100 chats in order to still see a meeting.

I even went as far as having my internal IT remove teams all together and reinstall it to ensure there wasn't an issue on my end. I have read countless forums visited many sites trying to find a way around this but there seems to be no way around it.

I sincerely appreciate your time in trying to help me figure this out. But I am accepting this is my fate lol



Thanks for that. Why not try the snap windows function. Shrink the windows (Teams App Window and Meeting Window) and drag them to the corners of the screens. Like this.




Otherwise, your case that you need to work on chat at the same time as watch and engage in meetings would necessitate a dual monitor setup. Use Teams app on one monitor and engage in the meeting in another


Best, Chris

Hello! We have some users having the same issue as this. It is really weird as we are on the same versions etc, but struggling to understand why some can do it and some can't?

I assume you have no further update on this? It is very annoying ha! It makes no sense!
Hello! Yes, we also have some that have the original way.
Its extremely frustrating and job hindering.
No updates. I feel like I am in a twilight zone lol Some extremely nice people have tried to help but a lot of the settings they have, us with the new way don't have those settings.
I will let you know if we manage to get to the bottom of it!

@9akelly Could this be a very old version of the Teams desktop client, if you go to About ... Version does it start 1.5 ....


Is it being used via a VDI solution like Citrix, VMWare Horizon etc. ?

@Steven Collier 


This is the version I have. 

I'm sorry, I'm not sure about your second question lol