cant pick up calls from queues or auto

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Hi all,


For some time now I can only pick up calls on iOS when get a direct call. When I receive calls from an auto attendant or from a call queue my mobile app rings, I can answer but immediately after disconnects and the call is going back to the group. I only have this problem with iOS and not on the desktop, I can pick up the same call with my desktop right after the disconnect. Does anyone know a fix to this?



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I know this is an older thread and was hoping you found a solution and would share the fix.


I am having the same problem. Ours just recently popped up. We switched from using Teams with domestic calling plans to Direct Routing and SIP Trunking with a Anynode SBC. We ported our numbers from teasm ( to a local carrier.


When a call comes from a call queue it rings my iPhone teams app, we can answer but the call never establishes the connection. It continues to ring in the background. We have also noticed this on Android devices as well.


We can answer calls from a call queue on our Windows teams client.


We can answer direct calls from our iPhone teams app.


We cannot answer calls that come from a call queue on any mobile teams app.

I've never found out what the issue exactly was. Eventually we changed providers and currently use Teams only as deskphone basically within our pbx. We started from scratch in Teams and it was gone.