Cant Join Teams Meeting

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InkedmessageImage_1598578603008_LI.jpgThis is the photo from my teams, When My Lecturer start the teams meeting from the group, unfortunately i cant join because there is no join button in the group, also there is no join link in outlook and i can only join if one of my friend invite me to the meeting. I also have already look from support and other discussion but still cannot help solve my problem. For more information, i join the group from the code my lecturer give to me, my friend did the same but he/she can join the meeting, this is from my friends teamInked206188_LI.jpgPlease help me solve the problem. Thank you so much.

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@kevinc29This has happen when the meeting is held in the channel but the users has been invited using their email address.  it is ok  - you are part of the Team and in the channel as members but since everyone is invited individually you can reach out to the organizers of the meeting asking them to invite the whole group email that has been created with that team. you shared the screenshot of which then easily you will be able to join those meetings, see the join button and also get the alerts once the meeting starts.