cant join team not team meeting using link

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after clicking the team link ,it will show this and I pressed request and it change to request sent, the main thing is other friends(almost all) can join directly using the same  link ,and only me showing this and stuck here ,my lecturer also cant see any request because what he set is the team can be join directly from the link. this problem not only occur in once , almost every team's join link will be the same problem as above, this problem occur after I using the team one year, before that I can join easily through the link, I hope I can found the solution of this problem ,I know alternate solution which is join from code or ask the organizer to invite me directly , all this alternate path is working , but I want to solve the problem because I don't want always ask organizer for code or invite me directly. and why other people can join easily and only me need to ask the organizer? anyone know how to fixed this?

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