Cant join certain external teams as guest

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Hi everyone! 


I have a user that is not able to join a certain external Teams team. Just caught in a loop trying to switch org and gets back to "You have been invited to a team" and then "We are switching to your other account". He can join other external Teams team, but not this one.


Other external users seem to be able to join this team except this particular user. Any guidence would be helpful! 


Thanks in advance! 

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Hello, are all the external Teams team at the same external org? Meaning can he access other teams within the same external tenant?

@nicklasekman did you get any solution?

This is a pretty old conversation that never got an update. Anyway, if you're invited/added to several different tenants as guest this isn't uncommon. Happened to me just the other day. I would suggest to either use Outlook and Teams on the web with InPrivate mode (not even running the desktop app) or simply use/create another user profile on your laptop and then accept the invite. Teams loves to default to a domain-joined account and use single sign-on/modern authentication.