Cant access FORMs app in my Teams account

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Hi..i am a new user to Teams (free version)...and i have a Microsoft 365 Family Account.


From my research I'm being told that Microsoft Forms is a good app to use for live polling within Teams. Problem is that when i go search for Apps within Teams it doesn't show up as an option anywhere. I have looked at all the online forums for a solution with no luck. I called 4 different support # s at Microsoft and got bounced around and no one can help me there.


I'm not sure if the issue is the type of subscription I have, or the personal outlook email that i use to sign in with...or something else that is preventing me from finding and  downloading the FORMS app within my Teams account.


But any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.




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Hi @Twhite1960   MS Forms is not available in free Teams


MS Forms not available in Teams - Microsoft Community



Thanks..i wondered if it was as simple as something like that but couldn't find that stated anywhere.


Appreciate it.