Cannot view Excel sheet tabs in Teams

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I am unable to see the sheet tabs in Excel when viewing the excel file in Teams.  For clarity, I am not referring to Teams tabs.  I am referring to the sheet tabs within the excel file.  It's like the bottom is cropped off. I upload the file into a channel in Teams.  But when I open the file in Teams, I can see the one sheet it opens up to but cannot switch to other tab sheets.

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I do believe this is normal behavior I’m not at my computer right now so I can’t check. The viewing experience in Teams is not that great it’s better just open it up in Excel online in the beginning

@msharp215 - as Adam said that is how the behavior is, and you can use the edit button next to excel file name to start editing it in either teams, excel online or Excel that is when you will see other sheets.


Thanks for the quick responses.

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@msharp215 I had this happen to me. It was a zoom issue (glitch) for me which caused the bottom part of Teams to be hidden. All I had to do was click my profile on the top right of Teams. Zoom in and zoom out back to 100% and that fixed the issue.

Thank you! I had the same issue and never would have thought of that!
Amazing! It worked. Thank you so much.
Thank you! It worked

@shihab8 Thank you so much! This was driving me crazy.


This did not work for us either. I have it just fine, but an employee screen shared with me to show me they don't have it. We tried the zoom in/out and that didn't work. I'm wondering if the employee's laptop has a small screen, and MS just bumps the tab system out to make more room for working in the spreadsheet. If so, seems like a flaw unless you could toggle the tabs open/close... as they are super important. Thoughts?