Cannot switch accounts, always reverts back to another account

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I'm a remote worker and I use a lot of communication tool including MS teams, I am a freelance contractor in one company that they uses MS teams and I have an account on their corporate Teams which i logged in.
From time to time I am invited for another call with different client and sometimes they uses Teams as well, the problem is in my Laptop its the other company Teams are has become the default account, even if I log it out, and click on te MS teams sent to my by other company, it always logs in to the first account. 

How can I do this, wherein for my other clients, I will have to use my personal account or access to Teams and not the corporate MS teams that is used by another client?

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Sounds as if that account has been added in your computer under "Account settings" (work/school). Teams will always default to the domain-joined account

I'm using a work account and a personal account in Teams. I make sure to request the invites to the appropriate address and then I sign in to Teams with that account only, if I want to use the desktop app. I.e. using the account to which the invite was sent. It's a bit messy with multiple accounts in Teams and work is in progress to make the process more seamless.

You can always use separate browser profiles if that's applicable, not even starting the desktop client.

As general troubleshooting, besides the above "account settings" you can clear the cache

And I would perhaps use this as well to clean things up (just copy/paste it).
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One of the simpler way is to use separate browser profiles and join the meeting over web. You can prefer to use the desktop client for your work account and can join the team meeting over browser for your personal account meeting.

I have the same problem.  I can even see that Teams is offering to let me log in with one of two addresses, but no matter what I do, I can only log in with one of them.  This seems like a relatively straightforward requirement of the software and it's disappointing that Microsoft can't seem to sort this out.