cannot signing to Logitech Tap Rooms + Intel NUC

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We recently started rolling out Logitech Tap Rooms System into our meeting rooms. These are all brand new devices on the same VLAN in the same building, but randomly we cannot sign to some of these devices!


  • The accounts are active and have been tested, and we can use them to sign in to a different Logitech Tap device from the same batch
  • Time and timezone are correct
  • conference room licence assigned correctly,
  • conditional access rules are disabled for this user,
  • Teams rooms app is updated to
  • Everything has been set up in the cloud,
  • The correct license attached to it
  • There is no proxy in place (local breakout, no firewall in place)
  • No MFA

We have purchased 29 devices, and so far 8 been faulty!  Can it be a hardware issue on this scale!


Microsoft support is not able to give any advice or solution. It's annoying since I was creating the user several times with the SkypeRoomProvisioningScript and even first reset, then completely reinstalled the NUC device that's running the teams rooms app.

Can anyone help?

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