Cannot SIGN UP for a Teams Account

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Teams is one of the biggest dumpster fires of an application that I've ever used. It's so bad, I can't even sign up to use it with my email.


Here's the process:

1. Start Teams desktop app on Windows

2. If I'm lucky, it tries to load and shows a splash screen, but often it doesn't show any signs of life until I stop all Teams processes via Task Manager

3. Wait for Teams to load

4. Keep waiting for Teams to load

5. (I'm typing this until it loads) Keep waiting for Teams to load

6. Keep waiting for Teams to load

7. See message:


"You're missing out! Ask your admin to enable Microsoft Teams for

You're currently signed in as Email address removed

Select Sign up for Teams to continue, or use a different account."


8. I own the domain (fake domain, obviously). I am the only one with access to that domain. I am the admin of any account associated with that domain. The email that I'm signed in as is my email. Where do I, the admin, enable Microsoft Teams for this domain?

9. Let's try clicking "Sign up for Teams"

10. Button takes me to here:

11. This page does not show me as logged in

12. Click button "Sign up for Free"

13. Takes me to, asking for my email, which I enter and click Next

14. Displays message:


"Sign in to Teams

Looks like you're using a work or school account. Sign in to check if your organization already has a Microsoft Teams license waiting for you."


15. Yes, it's my work account, and I work for myself, and I've never signed up for Teams, because if I had, I would have been able to sign in to the desktop app. I AM the organization that they're talking about. How can I sign up my organization for Teams if Teams won't let me sign up my organization for Teams because Teams thinks my organization is an organization that might already have a license for Teams but doesn't have a licence for Teams which is why I'm trying to sign up for Teams in the first place?

16. Click "Sign in" button

17. Popup asks me to Open Microsoft Teams, which I click

18. Nothing happens, and I'm back at the start of the loop


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Hi @BambooSoftware   If members of this community are unable to assist, you might want to call Microsoft Support at the numbers in this document: Get support - Microsoft 365 admin | Microsoft Docs