Cannot sign in to a Poly CCX 500 desk phone with the Teams SIP Gateway

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The Poly CCX 500 was recently added to the list of devices supported by the Teams SIP Gateway. Presumably this is because they do not function properly with the Teams app installed on them. I am eager to resolve the issues my users are facing, but I haven't had any success enrolling these devices.


When I put the device on my VLAN with the SIP Gateway provisioning server URL set in the DHCP option 160 and perform a factory reset, the device appears to get successfully provisioned, but after setting the admin password, accepting the EULA, and selecting the language and time zone, I'm prompted to choose between "Skype for Business", "USB Optimized" and the "Microsoft Teams" profile (which is obviously not what I want, since that would put the Android Teams app back on it).


If I choose USB Optimized. the device briefly shows the USB Optimized interface, and then reboots. After that, it does show the Teams logo wallpaper, so that seems promising. However, there is no sign-in code displayed, and if I try to provision the device with the verification code generated in the Teams Admin Center by dialing *55* and the code, I just get a fast busy signal.


We've successfully onboarded a VVX 411 device, so I don't think it's a firewall issue. Others are reporting the same issue in the Poly forums. Has anyone successfully deployed a Poly CCX 500 device with the Teams SIP Gateway?

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@Ryan Steele 
Your experience is exactly the same as ours.  Still haven't figured out how to get one of these signed in. 

Can you link me some of the poly forum posts you are seeing?

I do not see the CCX500 listed as supported in the Teams SIP Gateway. That would be cool if it actually could work with the Teams SIP Gateway. I did successfully setup a VVX500 with the Teams SIP gateway and it does exactly what you'd want it to do - provide dial tone and dial out capability with true push button dial pads.

Just sold 30 CCX500s to a reseller for $75 a pop. Out of box - but many still had the plastic on the android screen. Big fail for Poly.

@AdamK_DC They pulled it off the supported device list about a week after adding them. I don't expect them to come back after my talks with Microsoft. 

Got it. I'm a Poly Fan for the most part - but the CCX line is a huge disappointment. If the SIP Gateway had been in existence when we went pure Teams - we would have kept the VVX units and used those - but we're finding that 99% don't even want a desk phone anymore anyway. New rule - don't buy deskphones unless there's a truly compelling reason to do so. And test one out first before committing to an entire line.

I don't think it's fair to lay the blame entirely at Poly's feet. They built the device to Microsoft's specifications, and Microsoft certified it. Almost immediately, Microsoft allowed the app to get too bloated to run well on the device. Instead of working with Poly to address the issues, Microsoft barged ahead with adding new features.

We support the community offices of the elected representatives for the citizens of our province, and these users need desk phones—they need to be able to do things like place a call on behalf of a constituent and hand over the receiver. Fortunately, the SIP Gateway seems to be the answer to our prayers, especially now that there are cordless phone options available.


The ironic thing is that we bought the Teams Phones to replace our 3PIP phones due to issues with Skype for Business Online, and now we're essentially going back again.

@Ryan Steele Here is an older VVX500 connected to the Teams SIP Gateway.  Normal dial pad with physical buttons.  Dial Tone.  Used a Common Area License as it's in a reception area.


Everything old is new again.