Cannot share system audio while on screen sharing on VDI

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Working on VDI, I want to share my system audio while I'm screen sharing in a meeting and there is no option for this. On my local computer, I can see the option to share system audio as well.

I read that for this to happen, your computer audio hardware name must be the selected also in Teams.

When we are talking about VDIs, this is not a possible option. You will see something like  "Speakers(VMware Virtual Audio(DevTap))" 


Anyone has the same issue and/or has an resolution?


Thank you 

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I know this is a little older, but I think this will help others too - using VMware Horizon DaaS we also have this issue, but we have found that the web version on VDI does share the system audio.

Not the best, especially for those users who are more easily befuddled or work almost entirely from routine, but it does work.

@Daniel S. Gurrola II while this may "work", you're actually breaking the content redirection architecture and running unoptimized audio inside of your VDI which will consume significant resources.  The reason it does not work within your optimized session is due to the fact that the audio does not exist inside the virtual desktop - it is redirected to the client machine.  Be careful recommending this solution at scale as you could cause significant performance issues within your environment.

While I 100% agree with you, #1 I never suggested anyone do this at scale. #2 anyone supporting an enterprise VDI environment would have a team that has addressed this already.

And lastly, I broke nothing with this thing that "works" and if this is THAT bad, then it should be stopped, not by me, but those responsible for that redirected audio.

This is NOT a solution, this is a suggestion that can help someone stuck that is working in a VDI environment that should be being monitored for performance and issues to begin with. I have encountered the need for this exactly ONE time with exactly ONE user.

Anyone else coming along reading this, please be advised that @Grrrummble is 100% correct and I must emphasize that I replied to what seemed like the same odd one-off need that I encountered.
Seek out your IT department if you are at work, if you are doing this on your own or in small environments, I strongly encourage you to have a baseline performance benchmark of your VDI hosts and desktops, this way introducing wild a-- ideas from Google Searches won't lose you your job.

Thanks @Grrrummble - good points and much appreciated. In our zeal to help others we can tend to forget those OH SO necessary caveats and advisories.
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