Cannot Share Screens

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The button to share screens is Not available. My company just moved from Skype business to MT and it has been horrible ever since. I know where it should be located and ive changed all settings possible after hours of searching and troubleshooting on google but there is no resolution. 

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Do you have some details on your problem? Which clients did you try? What settings did you change already?


Also, make sure to wait for some time after changing a policy. It can take up to 24 hours to be effective for users.

@arifC  I know the option should be available in the top right, next to audio and video calls buttons. But mine has no button. It used to work but it just disipeared like a week ago. 

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If you had it and it just disappeared, make sure that you or your admin didn't put your account into a a different meeting policy that has the Content sharing disabled or that the default meeting policy didn't get changed. This is in the Teams Admin center under Meetings > Meeting policies > Content Sharing section.

If that's not the case I would check what your upgrade mode is set to for the org and or for your user directly.
And where can I find the teams management center? The screen share button doesn't have multiple users ... Thanks for help..