Cannot see the organization to which I have been added

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Today I subscribed to Microsoft Teams Essentials using my own email address, not associated with any organization. The job I just started, with its own domain and organizations, added me to their organization, but I am unable to see it.


A colleague is in the same situation, but he is able to see and choose the organization by clicking on his profile icon in the top-right of the browser interface.


  • he is using the free Teams plan
  • we are using the same browser
  • neither of us is in our company's organization
  • neither of us has a 365 subscription

What could be the problem? When I log in to Teams in a browser, using, I am redirected after logging in to; whereas my colleague remains under the URL.


What might be the problem and how do I get around it?

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Try the same with an InPrivate browser session. If you still don't get there or don't see anything have that org. re-add your account directly from the Teams team you need access to.