Cannot see participant's cursor during screen share request control

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I have been using Teams for past 9 months with no issues but for past few days I could not see participant's mouse cursor when I do screen share. This is very annoying for my International Clients and also for myself. But when they do screen share and I request control and after they allow it, both parties can see my cursor.


So why my teams app not allowing to see my client's cursor in my screen? Any bugs? Kindly help. 

I have turned it off and on and also shutdown my computer many times but still same issue.

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Hi @Murali1585 ,


I would recommend giving this a vote:


It is also on the backlog but won't hurt to give it that extra little nudge :)





@HenryPhillipsNimbitech  But it was working well till last week. Also my Client's system works well with screen share. Only mine stopped working suddenly