Cannot see myself in a Teams meeting (using Teams for Work and school)

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I have bought myself a new laptop (that has Win 11) for a job I am undertaking. Given I have a new work account/ email. I have downloaded "Teams (work and school)" and used the work email address to sign into "Teams (work and school)".

When I attend meeting, I can see them and they can see me, however I cannot see myself. Instead I just see a white transparent small box (with a white outline) in the bottom right hand side of the screen where a video of myself should be.I have no idea how to get the video of myself in a meeting.


-I have uninstalled the "Teams (work and school)" from my laptop 3 times and also deleted outlook as well 3 times and still the issue persists.

-I have checked the camera in Teams works well without issue and can see myself.

-I have deleted the cache for Teams "Teams (work and school)" and the problem is still there.

-I have checked the camera settings and they work well.


I just spent a lot of money for a new laptop and very saddened I have to deal with this headache where I cannot see myself in a meeting. PLEASE PLEASE CAN YOU TELL ME HOW TO FIX THIS SO I CAN SEE MYSELF in a teams meeting in the bottom right hand corner.

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In addition to the above, I would also like to add that I can login and see myself in meetings when I go through Teams on the web browser (Google Chrome), but not through the Teams (work and school) app. Please tell me how to see myself in the Teams (work and school) app?

@Ranny1234 I have the same issue, all works well if I use the web version, but in the desktop meeting app everyone can see me, but I cannot see anyone, nor myself, I only see black screens where the video is supposed to be 

I went to settings and set it away from new teams to the classic version, and it was fine again.