Cannot see emails from one individual unless I search specifically for them. Help

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I cannot see emails in my outlook inbox from only one individual, that I know of, unless I search for them by their email address. I cannot figure out why this is happening. Does anyone have idea why this could happen? I am using Outlook 365. Thanks

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@mrclean63  so this could be base on few factors,


- Let me ask you something, you might have additional folders and then a rules setup that sends the email from that person to those folders


- Secondly, there might be an Archive rule setup from your Organization that sends the emails to the online Archive - I doubt this for individual users.


Besides, I will also look into or to check the online version if I can find the emails there.


Thanks for the response. @PDostiyar I have only a few rules set up and there are none for this person. I have also checked and have the same problem on my laptop, desktop and on the web based email.  


I have emailed our company's IT service to see if their archiving has something to do with the problem.


I just set up a rule for this persons email and ran it, but they still wont show up. 

@mrclean63This is strange behavior, looks totally obvious to behave not seen something like this in ages...

One Step I could think of is to disable all the rules.. to check if that helps.. again you need to take a full screenshot or note of your existing rules that you might need later.... also I would check both the outlook rules and online rules.


here is how rules options are;

How to stop processing more rules
  1. At the top of the page, select Settings. > View all Outlook settings.
  2. Select Mail > Rules.
  3. Select. Edit next to the rule to which you want to apply Stop processing more rules.
  4. Select the check box for Stop processing more rules