Cannot see any video (mine or meeting members) when on the normal Teams meeting screen NEED HELP!!!

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Hi guys I work via Teams and everything was working fine yesterday, but when I started my normal scheduled Teams meeting from my calendar (as I do everyday) I could not see my video or my name in the corner just the three dots. Every setting was the same as it has always been and my internet connection is wired via ethernet and I haven't had this issue in the past. When someone joins my meeting I still see nothing, I get the waiting room notification but when they actually join the meeting they can see me as normal but all I see is still a blank Teams video screen, no initials just like a blank black screen with the three dots where my name should be. I can only see my Teams participant's video when I share my screen, the video appears as it normally does but when I go back to not screen sharing and the normal meeting video page still no video. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!! I teach online using Teams everyday and this is the first issue i've had like this! 


This is what my meeting looks like with camera settings all normal and this is what I see even with participants with videos on in the meeting. The participant video comes up when screen sharing. 




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You might want to seek tech support assistance at, where there are authorized Microsoft agents available to further troubleshoot with you until your issue is resolved. 

Could you find a solution? I have same issue and havent found a solution yet.

@HrlBrbr nope. The technical team at Microsoft is working to find a solution but haven’t heard any solution yet