Cannot schedule MS Teams meeting from Outlook calendar

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I wonder if you can help on this seemingly quite common issue?


Problem: I cannot schedule an MS Team meeting from the Outlook calendar. It immediately returns "We cannot schedule the meeting. Please try again later".


Environment: Windows 10 Pro, 365 Business Standard, standalone PC (small business) with two users: business and personal. 365 account is under business email.


I can schedule a meeting invite directly from MS Teams, so that works.

I have installed the MS Teams Add-In into Outlook. The MS Teams option appears in the Outlook banner. (Kaspersky Security initially disabled the MS Teams Add-In for Outlook but I have reactivated it).


Any ideas?







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Check and make sure you are logged in to your main account (as in outlook) so you’re not in a guest tenant etc..

Otherwise try close both apps, start Teams and then outlook and try again


@adam deltinger 


Thank you Adam. Sadly that hasn't solved it, but you may be on the right lines.


This 365 installation has been through a slightly complex evolution.

1. Originally I had 365 Home, registered to me personally. (MS renamed this product as 365 Family).

2. Started using MS Team by invitation from a client. I could accept meetings but not arrange them. I logged in under their corporate ID.

3. Then I decided to buy a 365 Business subscription, 365 Business Standard because of the benefits that MS Teams offers.


I am able to use Teams, by invitation from someone else, and can create a meeting direct from MS Teams, but cannot initiate from Outlook calendar.










@adam deltinger 


I've uninstalled and reinstalled Office 365 and MS Team, but the problem persists.

@Craig_Powers I have exactly the same issue, it was working prior to upgrading to the Office365. I run a Windows10 machine, is there an issue with the MSTeams Meeting invite link in Outlook not working due to the Windows 10.


PS I am using the right account in both Outlook and MSTeams.

I have cleared the MSTeams Cashe and restarted.. 


No joy, please help.